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We urge a continuation of research for the national barcode project and we got international technical support for this project, also we got collaboration with local several governmental institutions and international like Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, University of Johannesburg.

Project Objectives

  • Community.
  • Researchers and plant breeders within the field of plant and botany.
  • Farmers.
  • Agricultural companies.
  • Pharmaceuticals companies.

get Involved

We aim to continue the online library which documents the mentioned elements of the in Egypt, which will help researchers in several disciplines. Everyone can get involved in Egypt's largest biodiversity genomics project.

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What is Barcoding?

Barcoding is the use of a standardized short DNA sequence to identify species. There are more than one million faunal and floral species but unfortunately without barcoding, accurate monitoring and copyright protection.

Egyptian and global biodiversity is facing many threats mainly by human activities like population growth, chemical fertilizers /pesticides over use, removal of wild plants particularly medicinal plants, cutting of trees, pollution, over grazing and industrial activities.

Breaking News

  • The first Egyptbol symposium and workshop

    The success of the first Egyptbol symposium and workshop was amazing were attendance reached 150 and was successful .. were it was introduction to the technology and network of researcher involved and possible applications and resulted in the formation of the first official network of researchers and volunteers within the project.
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